Saturday, January 1, 2011

Raima Sen sexy cleavage Photos

Even though blessed with abundant talent in acting, Raima Sen has not been able to get the best of projects churned out in Bollywood. All of her five previous films were rejected by the film lovers. And just as she had got a potential blockbuster to look forward to, that has also slipped away rather unexpectedly.
Raima was the first actress selected by Ram Gopal Varma for doing a significant role in his underproduction film titled as ‘Rann’ based on the working of Media in the country.
The actress was finalised to play the role of an ex-model named Yasmin Hussain. But then as the production proceeded, Ram Gopal Varma made some vital changes in the script. As a result the character that Raima was to play also got altered to a great extent.
Raima was dropped from the film and the sultry lady Neetu Chandra came in her place. It is also being told that Raima was replaced as the character was supposed to be featured in a dance number having a good show of skin.
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